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We are a team that believes in the potential of Nyeri County. Nyeri County is doing quite great in Agriculture but the same ought to be reflecting economically. The hard work of the farmer is not reciprocated. Nyaga Muya, the aspiring governor Nyeri County has come up with the brilliant idea of marrying farming with technology. Connecting the farmers and markets and making them one emarket (emarigiti) where goods and services can be moved interchangeably between markets depending on demand and supply. This will in turn reduce wastage of produce due to influx of supply in one market. This way we will be able to control the market and ensure products' prices do not rapidly fluctuate but rather have relatively constant prices for our goods and services. The goal is for every farmer to be sure of the price of their produce at the onset of the planting season.

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Our team is quite passionate and dedicated led by our very own Nyaga Muya as the CEO and other talented youth from Nyeri County.

Michael Muya

Founder - CEO

Muya Ian


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